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Sill Plate Repair

A sill plate leak is when water enters your basement or on top of a slab because the ground outside is higher than your foundation wall or slab. On the exterior, if your homes siding is buried below the dirt or concrete, water can seep in between the 1st floor framing and top of your foundation or slab. Commonly, a contractor will install pavers or new concrete on top of your old concrete which will raise the ground level just enough for water to enter your home. Siding should never be buried below the ground and a minimum of 3” of the foundation should be exposed above the ground.  Buried siding is also an invitation for bugs (especially Termites). When the soil is up against the framing and siding of your home, this can be a direct path for insects! 

Basement Waterproofing Solutions Has The Perfect Fix

Sometimes we can offer two solutions depending on the situation. One, being an exterior drain system and the other a repair. The repair is a very detailed oriented type repair which starts with the excavation along side of the foundation wall. All wood rot is removed and replaced. Next, a wire mesh is installed on all below ground framing and plywood. We then apply a hydraulic cement mixture over the mesh. A sealer/primer is applied over the cement and then a rubber sheet membrane is installed. This will keep out, not only the water, but the bugs too.This type of repair should never be attempted from the interior as the house framing will continue to get wet. Mold, water, bugs and wood rot is what you will be left with if repaired from the interior.

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