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Keep Water Flowing Through Interior and Exterior French Drains

Leaky walls and seeping water? Let us solve your problems with a lifetime-guaranteed, custom-designed French drain system.

French Drain

French Drain Installation Staten Island

At Basement Waterproofing Solutions, we’ve been designing and installing comprehensive waterproofing systems since 1961. A significant component of many of our interior and exterior solutions is a French drain installation.

You might be wondering … What exactly is a new or replacement French drain?

In simple terms, a French drain is a perforated channel for water to flow through, preventing rain water from flooding your basement and ground water from creating pent-up hydrostatic pressure, which can cause water seepage as well as serious foundation damage.

With the French drain installers of Basement Waterproofing Solutions, you’re guaranteed all the benefits of this unique drainage solution—along with the personal touch of a family-owned business that’s three generations strong!

Do I Need a French Drain for Basement Waterproofing?

When it comes to effective basement waterproofing, no two homes will require the exact same type of waterproofing systems. However, many homeowners across Staten Island and New Jersey do indeed benefit from a French drain installation.

Here are a few scenarios that point to a need for a new or replacement French drain:

  • Water seeping in between the basement floor and foundation wall seam.
  • Water seeping in through a crack in the basement floor.
  • Water seeping in around lally columns.
  • Leaking walls, especially those made of cement/cinder block, brick, or fieldstone.

All of these instances are evidence of water being pushed up through the ground and into your property—and they shouldn’t be left alone for long!

Custom-Designed French Drains

Compared to many local waterproofing companies, Basement Waterproofing Solutions offers far more comprehensive expertise. Instead of one-size-fits-all systems, our French drains come in three types: low-profile, mid-grade, and premium. One of our French drain installers will inspect your property, share the pros and cons of each system, and help you choose the ideal solution for you.

No matter which French drain ends up being the best for your property, you’ll enjoy the confidence of our BBB accreditation, Basement Health Association membership, and authorized dealer status with Basement Technologies. Better yet, you’ll be protected by our lifetime guarantees.

Contact Our Experienced French Drain Installers to Learn More Today

More than just French drains, Basement Waterproofing Solutions would love to build a comprehensive basement waterproofing plan for your specific home! We can complement your French drain installation with:


Ready to build your custom waterproofing strategy? Then contact our basement waterproofing team by phone or online form to schedule your free, no-pressure cost estimate right away.

Financing Solutions with Flexible Terms

Eliminate worry and get your home back in top condition with financing options that include 0% financing!

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    Excellent service. This was the second time we hired them. Our French Drain system was seriously damaged by a flooring contractor. They performed the repair in less than a day at a fair price. Highly recommend.
    Our basement had block and mortar cracks in areas along two walls. Never had water penetration, nor bowing. Called three foundation repair companies for their assessment & solutions. Was not comfortable with their input: seemed excessive and didn't solve the aesthetics issues. Then, I hired a structural engineer, who told me what was really needed, and asked him for names of people he trusts. I called Sal.