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New Jersey and Staten Island’s Foundation Crack Repair Experts

We can repair any foundation issues—from hairline cracks to cracks that threaten the structural integrity of your home.

Foundation Crack Repairs

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their home’s foundation until something goes wrong. The truth is that even a small crack could be the start of a serious problem—or it could be nothing to be concerned about. The only way to know for sure is to have any cracks or other abnormalities with your foundation examined by a professional.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions specializes in foundation crack repairs, and we’ve provided award-winning service for nearly 60 years. Our family-owned business brings our proven expertise and customer-focused service to every job, so you can count on consistently professional results.

It’s guaranteed.

The Trusted Choice for Foundation Repairs

Did you know that certain types of cracks are quite common and won’t cause any issues, while others can be a symptom of significant structural damage? Below are descriptions of potential causes of cracks in your foundation:

  • Shrinkage Cracks: As your concrete foundation dries, shrinkage may occur, and small cracks might appear as that happens. Typically, these cracks will begin near the floor and will not reach to the top of the foundation. Shrinkage cracks are one example of cracks that are not structural.
  • Settling Cracks: Another example of cracks that are not structural are those that can develop as the home settles. This type of crack is usually wider at the top and may or may not reach to the bottom of the foundation.
  • Cold Pour: Can you see horizontal seams on your foundation that angle upward? These can occur during construction as the concrete is being poured. When one load of concrete begins to harden before the next load is poured, these cold pour seams can be the result. While not structural in nature, they can still lead to leakage.
  • Structural Cracks: Buckling or bowing walls, as well as cracks that run either vertically horizontally, are common signs of a structural crack. This term refers to any sort of crack that can jeopardize the structural integrity of a home.

What’s the best way to identify a specific kind of crack that’s made an appearance in your foundation? Call the professionals at Basement Waterproofing Solutions! We’ll provide a no-cost assessment, advise you as to whether or not repairs are needed, and if so, let you know exactly what that would entail.

No matter what kind of damage you have, you can rely on our expertise to ensure flawless foundation repairs that will prevent further damage and restore your home’s structural integrity, along with your peace of mind.

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Since 1961, Basement Waterproofing Solutions has built a solid reputation for excellence one job at a time. Our accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, membership in the Basement Health Association, and many industry awards are your assurance that your home will be in the best of hands with us. Call today or fill out our online form now to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and estimate for our foundation repair services