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Your Garage and Basement Epoxy and Concrete Polishing Experts

Our epoxy experts seal and polish your basement and garage floors to protect your home from mold and water damage.

Epoxy Coating Services

Basement Waterproofing Solutions has been serving the New Jersey and Staten Island areas since 1961. Our team of expert contractors provides affordable services to meet all your waterproofing needs. 

Our full-service waterproofing, foundation repair, and mold prevention options have recently expanded into the fields of epoxy coating and concrete polishing. 

We are pleased to continue our award-winning service and offer these new service options to our customers:

  • Basement Epoxy Coating
  • Garage Epoxy Coating
  • Concrete Polishing
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Expert Basement Epoxy Coating Services

One of the most effective ways to waterproof your basement is by sealing the floor, walls, and ceiling. A layer of basement epoxy coating is an affordable way to waterproof your basement. Our contractors apply a layer of epoxy to the basement floor and other vulnerable areas.

The epoxy acts as a seal, preventing cracks from letting moisture seep through the ground. This watertight seal results in a drier, mold-free basement.

While we are a leading New Jersey basement waterproofing company, our epoxy services don’t stop at the basement. We can also waterproof your garage and foundation by putting down a layer of garage epoxy coating.

High-Quality Garage Epoxy Coating Options

As with basements, garages are also vulnerable to moisture. Exposure to water can result in structural problems, mold issues, and foundation problems. Finishing your garage floor with our specialized garage epoxy coating can protect your home from mold, mildew, and water damage.

We understand the importance of your home and how expensive homeownership can be—all of our services are affordable and come with a satisfaction guarantee.

Our lifetime guarantees and personalized service makes us the most popular New Jersey garage waterproofing company.

Professional Concrete Polishing

Professional concrete polishing can transform a bland concrete slab into a shiny, damage-resistant surface. Our team of garage concrete polishing experts can have your garage floor sparkling and clean in no time. We even extend our services to inside your home—providing high-quality basement concrete polishing services to all of our customers.

Our highly trained team is committed to ensuring your home is safe and beautiful by equipping your garage and basement with the best waterproof, polished concrete floors.

Learn More About Our New Jersey and Staten Island Epoxy Coating and Concrete Polishing Services

Basement Waterproofing Solutions is a family-owned basement and garage waterproofing company dedicated to providing affordable and reliable service. Our team of basement epoxy coating experts can protect your basement and garage from mold and water damage.

To learn more about our epoxy coating services or schedule a concrete polishing consultation, call us or fill out our online form. Financing options are available!