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Price Shopping When shopping for products or services, most of us want to feel like we got a good deal. Now for those that want the absolute best job done at the cheapest price, you might as well stop reading right now. So, you need a basement waterproofing company because your basement leaks. Since 1961 […]

Financing Solutions with Flexible Terms​

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Financing Solutions with Flexible Terms Eliminate worry and get your home back in top condition with financing options that include 0% financing! Get your financing set up today with Home Improvement Loan Pros! Home improvements and repairs are simply a fact of life when you own a home, but that doesn’t mean that they always […]


French drain installation

French Drains Transferable Lifetime warranties since 1961 Now offering 4 types of French Drain / Pressure Relief systems for your specific foundation problem. French Drains     French Drain Systems French Drain Systems for the New York & New Jersey Region Perforated piping installed around the perimeter of a basement (Either under basement slab or […]


An informative image illustrating the process of repairing a sil plate leak, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship and dedication to resolving plumbing issues to ensure a dry and secure home environment

15% Off Sill Plate Leak Repair: Guaranteed Results Sill Plate leak is when water enters your home or basement from over the top of the foundation or slab. Sill Plate Repair A sill plate leak is when water enters your basement or on top of a slab because the ground outside is higher than your […]

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Reliable Trek drain system - superior drainage solution for a dry and secure basement environment

Save $700 on 100 Ft French drain with sump pit and pump. Discounts available for smaller French drain systems. 3 Generations strong Since 1961.When you’re looking for a waterproofing company, trust your home with the award-winning services of Basement Waterproofing Solutions. We’re your go-to experts for: Interior & Exterior Basement Waterproofing Professional Foundation Repair Mold Inspection, […]